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Project Description

The residential building is in Rousse The building is a one-storey building without a basement. On the first floor there are: two bedrooms, a corridor, a closet, two toilets with bathrooms, an entrance hall, a living room with a kitchen, a garage and a workshop.The building is made of steel supporting structure. All exterior walls are made of plasterboard, insulation and magnesium sheets. On the outside, an insulation of 10cm from XPS with a height of 60cm and insulation of 10cm from EPS in the rest will be applied. Finishing coating is provided with silicone plaster. Inside, plasterboard will be laid.The floor is made of reinforced concrete flooring 12cm below which is placed polyethylene foil and XPS 5cm. Above it is an insulating foil, XPS 3cm, tubing divorcing and floor covering. The roof of the building is double-skinned with a wooden supporting structure and ceramic roof tiles


Built-up area, sq.m.: 180
Floor area sq.m.: 180
Floors: 1