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Project Description

The residential building is situated in the village of Cherven, General. ruse


The building is a partly two-storey building without a basement. On the first floor there are: a bedroom, a corridor, a closet, a toilet and a living room with a kitchen. The second floor is accessed through the living room by internal stairs. On the second floor there is a bedroom with a balcony, a bathroom with a toilet and a children’s bedroom.


The building will be constructed in a classic monolithic way. All walls are made of ceramic bricks with a thickness of 25cm. On the outside, an insulation of 10cm from XPS with a height of 60cm and insulation of 10cm from EPS in the rest will be applied. Finishing coating is provided with silicone plaster. Inside, plasterboard will be laid

The floor is made of reinforced concrete flooring 12cm below which is placed polyethylene foil and XPS 5cm. Above it is an insulating foil, XPS 3cm, tubing divorcing and floor covering.


The roof of the building consists of two single-roofed roofs with slopes of the lower roof 20o and the higher 18o. The roofs are fixed by metal profiles and in the cornice part are made of wooden beams. They are steel profiles – on the underside of the belt are mounted wooden strips 2 cm thick on which the gypsum boards are fastened.

A mineral wool insulation of 15cm is laid in the section of the metal beams. Above them is a thick OSB lining of 1.8cm, stonewool 5cm Rockwool 60kg / m3, a thick OSB cladding of 0.8cm, steam insulation, double slat and ceramic roof tiles




  • Built-up area, sq.m.: 90.66
  • Floor area sq.m.: 144.14
  • Floors: 2