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Stages of Investment Design

Investment design

Investitsionnoto design goes through the following stages:

Pre-feasibility study
Job design
Preparation of preliminary design
Technical design

Pre-feasibility study

Technological studies for selection on offer, offering optimal technology;

Job design

Review and clarify the input necessary for the elaboration and approval of the project involves both:

Requirements for the facility;
Design phases;
Basic technical, economic, technological, functional and planning and compositional requirements for the site;
Main functional and compositional parameters of the site.

Preparation of conceptual design.

Drawings (technological plans and schemes), clarifying the proposed design solutions;
Explanatory note explaining the proposed design solutions.

Technical design

Final drawings (plans, sections) that reflect the accepted design technology solutions;
Explanatory note reflecting accepted design technology solutions;
Technological calculations justifying design decisions.


vertical planning
The project for vertical planning (HR) of settlement provides for the necessary amendment to the relief of the terrain in order to be molded and adapted to the requirements of construction, water discharge and transport in the most appropriate and economical performance of earthworks, including their dislocation, and gives an idea the image of the area that will blagoustroyava.

Plans for HR
Made for settlements and other built-up areas or parts thereof in accordance with their approved general and detailed urban plans (DPE), their development and regulation plans (PDU) and detailed neighborhood building and urban plans.
HR plans are intended by converting the existing topography of the terrain to create the conditions for functional and harmonious development of the living environment in all its aspects – living, working, recreation and more.

Procedure for changing the status of agricultural land
The procedure involves all stages to remove the solution Disused